Tottenham, Enfield, Brixton. Polcing and Public (dis)order.

“Look out it’s the TSG”, this screamed by a youth clad head to toe in black, while wearing his face mask.
So I quickly check behind me, having been on the wrong end of a TSG baton charge before while deployed in plain clothes as a spotter I have no desire to feel the pain again. But there is nobody there but a couple more of my officers, oh it’s us, this young lad thinks we’re the TSG!

Working on a specialist unit means people do not normally mistake me for the TSG, normally I doubt they even realise I’m a police officer, which is handy when out on surveillance or meeting a CHIS (a “snout” if you’ve ever seen the Bill). On my unit there are officers from several police forces, and a couple of government departments that hold law enforcement powers. Earlier in the week I was out talking to a group of senior police, customs and SOCA officers about how to extend this kind of co-operation and now I am having bricks thrown at me.

There are so many things I would like to say, so many experiences that have happened over the last 48 hours, experiences of terror, experiences of massive humour and sadness.
Trying to restrain a shop owner who is attempting to run into a burning building to attempt to salvage his stock, and indeed his livelihood. Taking off my helmet so I can hear him better, he sobs as he explains to me about his life, and how he has built up his trade and now does not know what to do. I simply do not know what to say to him, when I survey the streets around us it reminds me of the looting that took place in Iraq in 2003, it’s genuinely heartbreaking. I do something I find myself doing alot over the next few hours, telling him I’m sorry and then giving him a manly hug with a pat on the back. Helmet back on and we’re off somewhere else.

I have never experienced looting of this scale, the wholesale sacking of shops is taking place, we know it is taking place and there is nothing we can do about it, a couple of the more hardcore members of my team want to “blat round and stop it”, we’re outnumbered, we’re encumbered by protective equipment and we’re drained. If we go blundering into this kind of situation we’ll do more harm than good. And that’s when it happens, my moment of terror “MAN DOWN”, two words I never want to hear, we run to form a cordon round the fallen officer, shields up in all directions, everyone alert and scanning for a threat. I can’t see anything but I can feel the impact of stones against my helmet, I can see some glass breaking around us, thankfully the downed officer isn’t baldy hurt and is able to regain his footing, we’re up and we’re mobile, one of my worst fears averted.

The traditional, stereotypical, image of a public order police officer is that of some knuckle dragging man mountain who’s main skill in life is being able to knock a door down in one hit. As I survey the people around me, none of them fit that. They’re all reasonably intelligent, in the van there have been long discussions on what the cause of this is. We can understand the anger of the community over the shooting of Mark Duggan by armed police, we know that they want answers. But we also know that at times the investigative process is painfully slow, waiting for forensics to come back can take a while, the laborious process of locating witness and then taking statements, tracking down CCTV and seizing copies of it, then reviewing it. All of these things are hard enough for us, let alone the IPCC, and I have very little idea of the size of their investigative teams, but I can’t imagine they are that large.

It is something the public do not seem to understand, investigations have to be carried out in a certain way, these ways take time, but they are done like this to maintain the integrity of evidence should a case ever need to be put before the courts. TV and film (which is the only interaction many people will ever have with the police) has put forward an unrealistic view of criminal investigations that they can be wrapped up in a few hours, with a few people and that forensic tests are instant and infallible. Sadly, in very few cases is this true…

We reached a new low at about 0400 when it was discovered a flask of tea had leaked over my kit bag, nobody was upset about my kit, or the fact my book was destroyed, they were however gutted that the tea had gone. Thankfully a few minutes later more was procured. We run on tea and junk food, I had managed to hide from them the fact there was a packed of Haribo Starmix in my bag, I managed to sneak it into my pocked with nobody noticing, they’ll be useful for that moment when we hit the wall again.

Walking down Tottenham High Road during Sunday day time in plain clothes with a colleague the damage is shocking to see, everything has been targeted, the community has been smashed and it looks like there has been a rampage by a herd of elephants, street furnature is squashed flat in places, shops have had their windows broken and then been looted, we deftly avoid what looks like a pool of blood and make our way further down. There are members of the media hunting in packs, looking to zoom in on anybody who has been separated from the herd, I see a man come out of his shop and sit with his head in his hands on the pavement, his crying is audible from 80 or so yards, within seconds he is surrounded by people with cameras, I can no longer hear him crying, all I can hear is the whir of camera motors as his heartbreaking moment is captured on dozens of memory cards, I want to move them away, I want to shield this poor man from these vultures, I can’t…

It’s funny when things like this happen the small things that make you laugh, after leaving Tottenham on Sunday we went into Central London, I needed to get something from the office and then attend a briefing on an ongoing operation where we have surveillance on a target. I knew that a friend had come up to That London on mutual aid so after I established where he would be I popped into the Met police feeding station to see him, and give him some police related swag. They all looked so clean and shiny! I grabbed a chair and sat down next to his table, within seconds I’d been accosted by a member of Met police staff, I wasn’t allowed to sit there, I was blocking a fire escape. I almost wanted to laugh, I’d spent the night having fireworks and petrolbombs thrown at me, there’d been no fire escape then. And more to the point everyone in the canteen, bar me, was in fireproof coveralls. I dare say if there had been a fire we’d have all been able to locate an exit. Of course I didn’t say any of this, I apologised meekly and moved out of the way. But she’d be welcome on any serial of mine, dishing out justice wait her ladle.

We’re back in the car now, listening to the radio (FM not job) and there are a number of callers who are ringing LBC to explain why the rioting happened, a youth worker is explaining how it is all because there are not enough community centres open in the area, and how the youth have nothing to do. Another caller has said it is all the fault of the police, but refuses to expand on this. I am pleased to note there are some very supportive messages from people towards the police though. And when I have had a chance to update my Twitter feed the messages of support I have received have been a great boost. Some of you I have met and worked with, some I know very well and have drunk with you, some of you are my best friends I just haven’t met you yet, some are total strangers but the support flooded in, the concern everytime an injured officer was reported was genuine, we all share something in common.

And this is what makes it all worthwhile, I get to travel all over the UK, I visit a lot of other forces and work in their force areas while on jobs, and we are all the same deep down, we’d do anything for one another, we look after one another and we care. If you ever push your orange button we will come, because we know you will for us.

Thanks really need to go out to officers from the Met, City of London Police, BTP, Surrey, Essex, Kent, TVP and Herts as well as all of those working behind the scenes to support us, those who were out on the front lines who weren’t police officers, the PCSOs who guarded cordons in areas that just hours before we wouldn’t have been able to get to, the EGT photographers, the Fire-fighters, the Paramedics, the staff in McDonalds who provisioned me with 36 cups of tea and an orange juice.

I don’t know what this evening (MONDAY) will hold, I hope that it is all over, I hope that we do not see anymore injured officers, no more wounded members of the public, no more lives destroyed by the idiocy of people who cannot control their own greed. Because that’s what happened in Enfield, Brixton and other areas last night, greed, they saw people looting the Tottenham Hale retail park and they wanted some of that, they robbed, assaulted and stole. My only message to them is this. We will find you, we will bring you to justice, when you are sat in your homes watching your brand new 42″ flat screen TV fear every single knock at your door, we are coming.

I know that whatever happens tonight there will be police officers, from whatever forces out there, standing and walking tall, ready to do the right thing… And I will be stood there with them.


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  1. I am very moved by what you write. I am an ex Brit and it pains me to imagine London like this it’s just heart-breaking. Now I live in Jerusalem, and yesterday I went to see the tent city built by the protesters there. It was a model of civilized democracy,quiet, with small circles of people talking politics and how to improve the social structure. Then I came home and turned on sky news and saw the city of my birth in flames and wanted to cry.
    you are doing an amazing job don’t let the idiots get to you mate.

  2. Appalled

    Dear god it sounds like a war zone out there. 😦 you and yours stay safe.

    I know nothing of what caused all this but rioting is NEVER the answer and causes more pain and problems than it solves.

  3. David Webb

    Good effort mate.

  4. These kids are just outright villains , not remotely politically or community motivated . Thank god for you and your comrades

  5. This is a very well written piece, which reminds us of the humanity and courage of many of our police officers. I have had my problems with various members of the service over the years, but these have been few, and the majority of coppers I’ve dealt with have been great. You have an important job to do, and without you all, the country would be in a far worse state. Of course there are bad apples, but that’s true of any cross section of society. Thank you for your hard work, sympathy, and patience in these trying times. I hope it gets better quickly, but I’ve a feeling that there’s more to come yet 😦

  6. Tottenham Q

    Really interesting post. I have to take you up on one point, and its’s one which I know comes up whenever victims of crime are asked about their experience of the criminal justice process. You wrote:

    “But we also know that at times the investigative process is painfully slow, waiting for forensics to come back can take a while, the laborious process of locating witness and then taking statements, tracking down CCTV and seizing copies of it, then reviewing it.”


    “It is something the public do not seem to understand.”

    You as a police officer know all about the process and how long it is, but a first time victim/user/customer of the the criminal justice system doesn’t and has to learn as they go along. How and why would anyone prepare themselves with an understanding of the criminal justice process just in case they happen to end up being a victim of a serious crime?

    What Duggan’s family need – and any family in the same or similar circumstances need – is an understanding of how laborious that process is. Amplify that need with the grief that comes with bereavement and you have a class of distraught people trying to balance their emotions with a need to understand what is happening to them, often taking in complex information.

    The police and the IPCC should be more sensitive to those needs, try and help to explain – no matter how long it takes with certain individuals. It’s certainly not a good policy to assume that victims or their families have the same knowledge or understanding as a seasoned professional.

    As a resident of Tottenham I also hopes it’s over now. A really horrible time for us, seems only luck and good policing that more people werent hurt. I haven’t heard what has happened to the poor people who got burnt out of their flats.

    • The families do get that. They get a Family Liaison Officer, support from the courts, victim support. Sadly with the rise of CSI etc general public seem to think things happen very quickly & they don’t.

      • I agree, although I don’t work within the Police, I work very closely with them and I also liaise with victims. A lot of time is spent on explaining what happens next and the Police will want to deal with only the immediate family. Joe Public will hear the outcome in due course, but really it’s just between the Police and the family.


        Mark Duggan’s family did not get a FLO. That’s why they went to the police station.

  7. Well done. Thanks for the blog. This is a graphic, ‘real’ story and it makes harrowing reading. The Met are under the cosh right now from all angles, particularly the media. Sadly it takes this type of event to get the public to appreciate their police. All I ask is that you do your job without fear or favour and ‘walk tall’, as you say. Look after each other. I feel a wave of pride at a time when all the publicity about the police has been disappointing.
    Best wishes to you and your colleagues from a retired police officer @coachconnectSTU

  8. Eve

    Bring an 18 year old who grew up in tottenham, sadly behind where the post office remains. I have nothing but respect and admiration for the metropolitan police. Many people I know, whom are from the affulient areas of harringey were involved with the student protests earlier this year, which was an embarrassing time for any prospective university student. Now, only a few months on, recognisable faces of the youths who live on surrounding estates, are too embarrassing and destroying any pride in being a London teenager.
    Thankyou for investing yourself in protecting the businesses, lives and community spirit in the London areas.

  9. Scott

    Thank you for your service. Your efforts, and that of your collegues protecting lives and property is greatly apprecated by so many. The courage and bravery of the frontline police teams facing such a barrage is beyond question. Your candour in this post provides a welcome insight into beat cop and the challenges faced by you and your colleagues.

  10. Great post. I can only admire you guys and how professional you are. I’ve seen first hand police forces at work in riot situations around the world, and I have to say you guys are about the best. The yobs don’t deserve you. Stay safe ad let’s hope it all gets resolved soon.

  11. Sarah

    Well done for being out there and staying out there. without people like you prepared to go out and look after us and our city things would be a lot worse. Thank you for caring and looking athis this with humour and compassion, glad to know you’re out there.

  12. The thieves and thugs are just that, thieves and thugs. They are not protesting. They lack respect which has not been instilled into them by their parent(s). They don’t have respect for others, for property and finally themselves. The PC Brigade will try to excuse it and blame this that and the other. Even if they have had a bad childhood, it is no excuse, they make the decision to commit the illegal acts.

    The Police need to be given the tools to help control the thieves and thugs, for example water cannon and they need to political will behind them.

    I firmly believe in the Rule of Law and have the utmost respect for those that serve others.

    PS – You may wish to correct the spelling of Policing in the title

    • Hells Belles

      Kulgan, you spout the same drivel here as you used to on the mercury website. I was sure your post had to be by someone else until I read the tone and thought it unmistakably yours. I’m pretty sure nobody other than criminals would try to excuse the actions of the rioters and looters. It’s pure criminal. And the so-called ‘do-gooders’ will be the ones who have a professional responsibility to help repair the community and attempt to punish and rehabilitate those responsible. Doing good is not a bad thing and does not mean you sympathise with bad actions.

  13. It’s also worth mentioning that the original point of the meeting in #Tottenham on Saturday was as a peaceful vigil for a man who had been killed. The outcome of the investigation will be as it will be. A lot of the people around on Saturday who knew Mark Duggan were disgusted by the violence, and were even heard to have said things like “Mark wouldn’t have wanted this.” Things are being used as an excuse to start trouble because people are angry at the system, and right to be, as the current system stinks. However, there are better ways to air ones grievances. I don’t understand how burning down a man’s barber shop could possibly help in any way, and in my opinion, the people responsible for these actions are simply doing to that poor man what the government is trying to do to us all.
    Action yes, but PEACEFUL POSITIVE action, or we won’t have a country left to worry about.

  14. Anonymous

    Stay safe for every shift you and your colleagues are there. Those that are hiding away in their homes in the cold light of day will come again as they always do. Next time they will come to justice.

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  16. Anonymous

    Sir, An excellent post. A true reflection of what really goes on out there. I am very sorry that my stupid, inappropriate comments of the weekend may have not made any of your duties any easier. I apologise profusely. Yours humbly, Local

  17. Parker

    It’s interesting to see an alternative perspective. Eloquently put and emotional.

    Stay safe…

  18. Kate

    Thanks for this. It’s a sad time indeed, and it’s good to know there are smart, reasonable people out there trying to keep London safe. We really appreciate all you are doing.

    Stay safe – as much as you can, anyway. And keep giving us this side to the story. It needs to be told.

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  20. a6ruled

    for context, i am a comfortable, white, middle-aged, educated professional man, who, a couple of speeding fines aside, has had no contact with the police

    i attended some of the student protests last year

    you can individualise yourself as much as you like on here but i didn’t deal with individuals on those occasions – i was lied to, imprisoned, and attacked by an indistinguishable mass of police for doing nothing at all

    a few days after the worst of those experiences i was waiting for a train late at night on an outer london station. two british transport police arrived and patrolled the platform – my emotional response was apprehension and fear. police vehicles and “bobbies on the beat” don’t inspire confidence in me anymore – they inspire the same knot of tension in my stomach that other dangerous things do.

    i don’t do fighting, or violence, or theft or any of those things so my response to my (relatively privileged ) experiences with the police has been one of withdrawal, disillusionment and disgust. i almost wish i’d never been forced into contact with you at all and i could hear in a news report that “the police are on the scene” and feel relieved rather than terrified about what you are about to do. i take no pleasure in this and have been depressed these last couple of days. i don’t expect any response to this. i don’t expect you to care and i understand why you won’t. i wouldn’t be surprised if you were delighted and i’m certain that plenty of your colleagues will be. it just saddens me.

    • Anonymous

      what were you doing at student protests, you’re a middle aged man… definitely suspicious behaviour worthy of a beating. ps your lucky they did’nt sit on you being so comfortable

    • Kay

      Totally agree with A6 ruled – and I am a white, middle-aged woman. Something IS rotten with modern policing and how any problems / criticisms are apparently white-washed away.

      • AnonC

        I think that’s the real crux of the problem, Kay — how the issues and criticisms are whitewashed. There are rotten apples in every barrel. Human nature. Unavoidable. But the very top of the police chain is political nowadays, and politicians are inherently corrupt. So they see a problem, and rather than think “Hm, we’ve got some violent idiots that need weeding out,” they think “God! How embarassing! Quick, hush it up.” So public confidence shatters, and the rotten apples, left where they are, spread their infection ever wider.

        There’s a lot of really good coppers. Glossing over the vile thugs amongst them is doing them a really bad disservice.

      • groendraak

        a6ruled reminded me of a Terry Pratchett comment – Sheep are scared of wolves, but luckily for them, they’re guarded by sheep dogs. Unfortunately sheep dogs are roughly the same shape as wolves, so the sheep view them with suspicion and never make them welcome. In fact what the sheep really want is for the sheep dog to look and act just like them, even if that makes the sheep dog less effective at deterring wolves.

        You can’t berate the police for having to fight fire with fire – it’s their willingness to engage with people that you can’t fight yourself that keeps you safe and unfortunately they do have to do a bit more than write a snarky comment on a blog to do it. You may have gone on the student protests for well-meaning political reasons, but you’re naive if you think that everyone else in the crowd was an upstanding citizen engaged in peaceful protest – and until the police are trained in telepathy they won’t be able to tell you apart from those intent on arson and theft. Deal with it – it’s what you get if you put yourself in a large crowd of protestors.

    • Anonymous

      For God sake, you were in the middle if a riot, what did you expect? You have the hallmarks of someone who has led a sheltered life who is suddenly shocked and scared at what the reality is on the streets, Like a rabbit in the headlights. Where have you been? The Police are not your enemy, trust me. In fact your whole post is typical left-wing chattering class drivel.

      • AnonC

        Also Sprach Zarathugstra.

      • Simon

        He was at a protest, he had every right to be there, it is his democratic right to protest.

        “The police are not your enemy, trust me” – why should we, you’re anonymous – I don’t trust people I can’t see and I don’t trust people I can’t identify – or people who remove their ID tags before baton-charging me.

        It doesn’t matter how intelligent or how human or how sensitive an individual is, if as a pack they behave like animals. On either side.

      • Anonymous

        Police aren’t your enemy if you don’t break the law. I’ve never been in trouble with the Police and I’ve demonstrated but I’ve never broken any law – which exist for the welfare of the community.
        Start respecting yourselves and others, along with your rights and you will see that the Police are there to protect you and your rights to a safe community and country. And I’m not left wing – I’m a realist who respects others.

    • Anonymous

      This is exactly my experience. It’s hard to trust the police when they’ve beaten you up, lied to you and falsely imprisoned you for taking part in peaceful protest.

      And middle aged men are entitled to protest on behalf of others…

      • Peter Parker

        The police frequently use agent provocateurs at these protests to further political aims and objectives. This is fact.
        The students weren’t necessarily the ones starting the trouble.
        Just food for thought.

      • Anonymous

        The police do not use agent provocateurs to meet their “objectives”. Their objectives are to facilitate peaceful protest so how would they benefit from being antagonists? Your statement is self contradictory. Do you have any evidence of this “fact”?

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  22. “My only message to them is this. We will find you, we will bring you to justice, when you are sat in your homes watching your brand new 42″ flat screen TV fear every single knock at your door, we are coming.

    I know that whatever happens tonight there will be police officers, from whatever forces out there, standing and walking tall, ready to do the right thing… And I will be stood there with them.”

    amazing sentiments! I wish i could be stood in line there next to yourself! I will be there in spirit though!

  23. “But we also know that at times the investigative process is painfully slow, waiting for forensics to come back can take a while, the laborious process of locating witness and then taking statements, tracking down CCTV and seizing copies of it, then reviewing it. All of these things are hard enough for us, let alone the IPCC, and I have very little idea of the size of their investigative teams, but I can’t imagine they are that large.

    It is something the public do not seem to understand, investigations have to be carried out in a certain way, these ways take time, but they are done like this to maintain the integrity of evidence should a case ever need to be put before the courts.”

    Is there any reason that the officer who did the shooting shouldn’t be allowed / obliged to give his account of what happened within 24 hours? Why is there any need for a delay there? How would it prejudice the final outcome of a court case?

  24. You have the support of the nation. The only people who are actually against the police is the selfish twats who are looting.

    You’re right when you say that this isn’t anything to do with Mark Duggan. This is people wanting to wreck the place and rob stuff. I think it’s sad in itself that people are using a dead kid as an excuse to steal stuff.

    Keep up the good work – I genuinely mean that. Everyone who has any good in them is on your side.

  25. makemeadiva

    Regrettably,The Police are a symbol for disenfranchised people to hit out at. Your blog reminds us that behind that symbolism are real people doing difficult and dangerous jobs.

    • strateshooter

      its true…this guy is amazing.But…
      I am 58 yrs old …nevver committed a crime…never want to commit a crime. and I am angry.
      I am angry at our political/banking class/cartel.They are my enemy..completely immoral and corrupt.
      I believe the prime purpose of the Met is to protect this class.
      And so..for the first time in my life…. and I hate to say it…I no longer support our police force.

      • garry Ward

        I agree with you Strateshooter.
        It is normal to show desrespect of the police now as they are basically a bunch of elite troopers , and divorced of life around them. To be fair to some extent they are not allowed to act as policemen, because of the political restraints they have to live within. Complain to a police man and he will tell you “Sorry we cannot help you till someone kills you, robs you, assalts you”

  26. It’s easy to take a pop at the Police in any high-tension situation like this, but every time I see or hear the reports of riots, bombs, rail crashes and the like, I thank our security services, emergency services and armed services for their courage, stoicism, compassion and humour when others would flee. Unlike the perpetrators of last night’s events, you are a credit to the nation. Well done.

  27. steve g

    Good work, and thanks.

  28. Anonymous

    Thanks for putting a human face to the dark overalls, helmets and shields. I’ve been in specialist journalism for 30 years (and despise the things you saw some of my so-called colleagues doing as much as you do – more, if I’m honest) and have edited six national magazines. So please take it as a compliment when I say ‘what a well written piece.’ It should be compulsory reading on all sides of this sad and devastating last couple of days. Stay safe.

    And I hope Haribo are reading and deliver a big box of Starmix….. 🙂

    • groendraak

      Let’s have a whip round on JustGiving and buy the whole police force a shipping container of Haribo – they’re going to need it with the shifts they’re doing!

  29. Anonymous

    Really great piece. Best of luck for whatever’s happening.

  30. kris b

    dont ever give you, you make the difference

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  32. Is there a Legal way in which the public can come, help and stand in line with the police?

    Because if so, suit and boot me up for the night!

  33. Princess

    I hope to God you get provisioned with more tea if things do kick off later…

  34. kingedk

    Interesting post. Perhaps you should be involved with the Met’s PR machine – I think they could do with you…

  35. Out of interest was the age range of rioters/looters?

  36. aisha

    hi there, if i hadnt found your a blog i would have walked right upto a police officer in my town and thanked them for the work they do. i really appreciate you guys and realise in times like this what would happen if the police werent around and the strong could eat the flesh of the weak. i do not think you are pigs, stinking feds, forces of babylon etc, i think you do a hard job really well.

  37. Excellent blog. One thing that puzzles me is, when the looting and arson starts, why don’t the police deploy tear gas or baton rounds or a water cannon immediately to stop it?

  38. Alastair McKenzie

    Fantastic & moving post. I’d love Metro or somebody to pick it up & publish it so more Londoners see it.

    There’s no excuse for the thugs & looters, but I’m going to pick up on the same thing as Phil Jones above. The inability of the Police to engage in a timely way with the public. I think it goes much further than just this incident. Indeed I believe that the recently revealed complicity between tabloid papers & the police is an aspect of it.

    The protection of information so that it can be kept sterile for later use in court has too long dominated all Police thinking. The gut instinct of police officers is to control and keep secret, all information. THAT is why the un-healthy press/police relationship exists. If it hadn’t we would barely know there had been a riot on Sunday.

    I believe the Police have to undergo a radical change in their approach to transparency and, more significantly, the law has to be changed to enable them to do that.

    There is virtually nothing of use to learn from financiers, but perhaps some sort of ‘forward looking statement qualification’ such as they use when talking about company finances? A disclaimer the police can use to talk more openly without fear of prejudicing a subsequent court case?

    Douglas Adams said: “Nothing travels faster than the speed of light with the possible exception of bad news, which obeys its own special laws”

    In today’s world of 3g mobile social media, he might have said: “Nothing travels faster than the speed of light except, in the absence of real information, rumour & speculation.”

  39. Sierra Golf

    What a wonderful post. I hope justice is served- in all aspects from the shooting to the rioters to the disgraceful acts of these looters.

    I think we should we lucky that we have a police force like we do. People don’t realise how good we have it here compared to other countries. Yes sometimes mistakes are made but that’s why we have the IPCC and mistakes are part of human nature sadly.

    I wish our police force all the best in bringing some law and order to our capital. People need to realise their actions have caused people to lose their homes, livelihoods and their community- but i hope the community spirit isn’t broken cos of some stupid imbeciles.

    Horrible to see. Let’s hope this is it mow :/

  40. Anonymous

    Thanks for writing this. It gives a feeling of the horror of the riot. I used to work on the trains when footbal rioters used to tear the train apart. I’ve had a few moments of terror of my own. I’m with you. Please keep writing.

    As for the cause, I’ll bet these things usually happen in August (check earlier riots: Toxteth, Brixton, Notting Hill) when the school holidays fuel boredom and the gangs have been roaming the streets all day. The shooting protest march was just an excuse for the yobs to go even more ape than they are.

  41. Elaine M

    Great piece of writing, thank you for sharing

  42. JW


    Stick to it.

    The decent people in Britain support you and far, far outnumber the criminals, scum-bags and hyper-critical Guardian commenters.

  43. rebeccasretreat

    Thank you so very much for sharing your experiences over the horrific weekend, I can only say well done. Well done from a 19 year old who is embarrassed by the youths seen on TV these past few days. I myself am sickened, a family’s unfortunate loss is no excuse for the behaviour we have all witnessed.

  44. A Hodge

    Thank you for your blog, the most intriguing thing I’ve read in some time. You have my compassion, you have my total support, I only wish I could stand with you when you need me.
    Andrew hodge

  45. Simon

    Dear Inspector Winter,

    I understand that the IPCC take a while to finish their investigations and that the wait can be frustrating. I am sure the wait will be even more frustrating when the IPCC take so long to investigate that by the time they get round to accessing the CCTV it will either have been wiped and written over or the tapes “lost”…

    Believe me my sympathies are not with the rioters and looters – their behaviour is criminal and those who are acting illegally need to be punished. But the law is neutral and with power (which the police have) should come responsibility. The IPCC need to be holding officers to account and if they do not have the resources to do so then more need to be allocated.

    It cannot be, as it was for example in the case of Ian Tomlinson, that independent coroners, independent medical experts and independent film footage is required in order to ensure that justice is served. But we see, again and again, in major incidents and in minor everyday occurrences that the machinery of control over the police force is not nearly as efficient and effective as it should be.

    You seem like a good policeman so please, carry on being a good policeman but please always remember (as I am sure you do) that you police by consent and that you are still subject to the rule of law.

    By the way – this is in no way trying to justify or excuse the looting and destruction – please feel free to pursue the perpetrators 🙂

  46. felibabe

    This blog is amazing and gives us all a real insight into the lives of the real police officers that are out there every day trying to make our neighbourhoods a safe place to be. I really do have a lot of respect for you and for the police force because you have to deal with these types of tough situations that the rest of us wouldn’t even dream of being a part of.
    Thank you so much for everything that you do especially when it comes to dealing with mindless thugs such as the ones who are rioting in the name of poor Mark.
    My only worry is that even when we get to the end of the investigation it will of course be determined that the officer/s that shot Mark acted out of self-defence or something like that and this will be the end of it. As much as I am grateful for everything the police do (and believe me I truly am) there is still the underlying concept that ultimately the police “look out for their own”. One officer would never grass another officer up so you can do all the investigating you like; the answer is likely to always be the same. If this is something that it unfounded, I think that it is in this area that people like myself need to be educated.

    • Red Fender

      I’ll write this anonymously but i have to take issue with officers “look out for their own”.

      I have reported officers for wrongdoing in the past and they have been dealt with.

      I also know other officers who have also reported wrongdoing.

      Rest assured I am confident the vast vast majority of my colleagues would report incidents to supervisors.

      We are proud of the job we do and are proud to do it in the correct manner.


  47. An interesting post, very heartfelt and insightful.

    Whilst it is true that the rioters are unlikely to have a genuinely political or constructive motivation, it would seem the Met should start to issue immediate statements to communities after a fatal shooting incident. The feeling that we might be living in a police state or even one in which there is heavy handedness is not good for the public psyche.

  48. Edward Fox

    nice piece. i’d love to have you in my open university creative writing group!

  49. Rob

    Victims of the past two nights are taking all sorts of shapes and I feel for you that you are also caught up in this. The hoards detached themselves from any point or cause yesterday, other than greed, destruction and theft as you say. I want to say further to your piece;

    1) Yes investigations take time but the release of ANY explanations for MArk Duggan’s death has clearly taken too long. And if the information that has been released is wrong whilst favourable to the Met then this would not be the first time. Faith in the integrity of the Met is at an all time low and the IPCC are not seen as much better by some.

    2) Again, my sympathy is with you as someone that is literally in the firing line and receiving frustration and anger on behalf of the Met and the government whilst trying to protect yourself and order in the face of organised criminality

    3) Again Police credibility is at an all time low which some people feels justifies their abuse and violence towards them. I was in Enfield yesterday and ended up next to two Police BMWs that turned around whilst getting pelted with rocks and bottles leaving me and other drivers to fend for ourselves. Once the Police had gone the crowd calmed down and were alright to me if i’m honest. Some of the violence is preserved exclusively for the Police, with a view to looting maybe, but one thing that is clear is that this now unchained animal seemingly has no coherent agenda or cause.

    4) The job of the Police is inherently difficult but without respect it is surely impossible, give disenfranchised and angry people a focal point such as another unexplained death of a high profile member of the community and the tension becomes kinetic

    5) I have worked in an IPT and know one or two members of the Met who are largely good people. The Police force seems so insular though, outside of my time there I can say I not only know no members of the Police but I dont think I know anyone that does. I cannot see that two polarised factions public/police, protesters/police, rioters/police meeting in such circumstances will resolve anything and will merely fuel the animosity until next time.

    6) Lastly, the laws of this country have criminalised so many people without need or logic that the Police’s job has been made even more difficult and made them even less popular. Mainly i’m talking about our backward approach to drugs but there are other examples such as assisted suicide. It’s very easy for the legislature and executive of the country to create or allow such laws to to continue but it is the Police that have to pick up the pieces.

    I wish you all the best for the future and do appreciate that you have a very difficult job to do. I saw what London looked like without the Police last night and it is scary. There are two distinct issues for me, the death of Mark Duggan and the looting rioters that are too young or ignorant to see what they are doing.

  50. ProudBrit!

    It’s great to read your account, I watched what was happening and listened to various goings on’s in the morning, meeting some of the officers from my home borough who were there, I am proud of the job you guys and girls did on Saturday! and i am proud to call myself MSC, it’s just a shame we couldnt help out more. It is disgusting the level of violence thrown against your lines, and it is disgusting that 26 Officers were injured in the process.
    You do a Noble job and all Officers excelled themselves this week end. Keep up the good work!!!

  51. araimek

    very inspriational. I very much hope all our fine officers carry your same attitude to their work. firmness and total fairness.

  52. Anonymous

    Awesome! That is all

  53. Anonymous

    Keep up the good work! Doing a great job in the face of policing cuts and mindless thuggery on the streets.

  54. Ed

    I think this is a great blog, and you are obviously someone who cares about his craft and his vocation.

    But, and here comes the bad bit: as a middle aged man in a suit, walking around London, I have been amazed by the gratuitous rudeness that some of your officers display to people like me.

    And I am polite and careful in my behaviour and demeanour. Trust me on that.

    The thought therefore has occurred: If that is the sort of treatment I get, what would happen if I were an 18 year old boy in a ball cap?

    The irony is I teach criminology and I raised the issue one day in one of my classes: one young black woman revealed that she was a Met officer, doing some sort of day release for her degree, and she said ‘Being rude is the only way we can get respect..’

    I was stunned. That’s the way criminals think. Young thugs think that you get your retaliation in first, that’s how you survive on the street, and now it seems some of your colleagues have adopted the same approach, thereby undermining the the good work of highly skilled coppers like you.

    So it’s complicated, but I wish you luck, and be safe.

    • LeoCausius

      On the day of the Royal wedding Met. police officers managed to look respectable, act respectable and were a credit to their service and the country, likewise during Obama’s visit. Sadly they normally loaf or swagger around like the type of people they should be arresting–shaven heads, tatoos and all.

  55. Excellently written article & very moving. It sounds like you do an excellent job and as a member of the public I’m very thankful for that.

    I do have to take issue on one point though, you say that the investigations take time and people should understand that, etc. However, time and again when incidents occur (Ian Tomlinson, Charles de Mendez) the news very rapidly report unnamed police sources making statements about the event. (hail of missiles, vaulting ticket barriers…) These utterances invariably paint the police in a positive light and in the above incidents later turned out to be barefaced lies. If the investigations take time why do we find out these helpful ‘facts’ so rapidly?

    I’ve no doubt you’re an upstanding member of the police… But your organization doesn’t do itself any favours in the public’s eyes when such tragedies occur and the response is closing ranks and covering collective arse.

  56. lah lah

    very well written, you guys do a fantastic job. keep up the good work

  57. Fantastic post. Hope it goes ok out there.

  58. Anonymous

    Outstanding …

  59. So much love, respect and support to you and all others involved. I know it may feel like the country decides to just up and turn against the police everytime something like this happens (too much force, not enough, you can’t win, eh?) but remember that there are a vast number of us who still support the police and the amazing work you all do. Stay safe, you’ll be in our thoughts

  60. Anonymous

    I have to say as a young black man, living in Islington and wanting to simply live my life, these riots stink, and are damaging more than property but also the emotional fabric of our society. Good luck, and keep up the great work, and pleeaaasssee remember we are not all like that pack of criminals.

  61. Jen

    Good luck to you all. I’ve read many of the comments. As a teacher for 30 years I’ve had to struggle not to let being around some of the kids brutalise me and make me callous and cynical. I’ve had to move schools a lot until I found a place where the majority were decent – kids and parents.

    I know how exposure to this kind of environment can affect you. For the worse inevitably. But we need the police. And who would do that job? Not I. Teaching can be tough enough.

  62. Avers

    As always Boss, a heartfelt and realistic look at our job and what we deal with.
    Manchester and Gmp has had it’s moments recently and I’ve been part of a few of them, but Mps has had more than it’s fair share in the past 12 months.
    You know you have our support- hope you have a quieter evening gaffer take care x

  63. Anonymous

    One day in the future one of these people (the looters…… not rioters but “LOOTERS”), will need your help.
    You will do your job and help them, whether you know of their past or not.

    I only hope that when that happens, they think back on the past few days and hang their heads in shame.

    The police do a fine job, not always getting it right – but we need the police, even the scum need the police!!

    Stay safe, its an ignorant minority that doesn’t value what a police force does for the public.

  64. James

    I’ve sat staring at my screen for a while trying to find the right words to convey what I and many people that won’t be fortunate enough to read this would like to say. No words are enough to reward the amazing job you do every single day. So I will just say: Thank You, and please know you are appreciated.

  65. cynic

    I hope your crime-fighting skills extend to catching those responsible for the murder of Mark Duggan. I would happily buy you a thank you drink for that!

    • Raz

      This is Mark Duggan, the family man then? Not the one of whom his fiancee said “If he did have a gun – which I don’t know – Mark would run”. Strange comment from his fiancee, don’t you think?

  66. Tim

    You sound like a good bloke and a credit to the force. Good luck out there.

  67. Anonymous

    Meanwhile ( I haven’t read through all the comments above, sorry ) there’s an article in one paper today about how almost none of the crime committed is reported in the press, how the police don’t even publicise many times when serious crimes have been perpetrated, not even when they have a photofit of the person they want to find, and maybe a bit of publicity might help to QUICKLY find and arrest potential suspects. You get a few megacrimes, but most stuff gets just brushed under the carpet. Like, last week, there was some major roadblock on the Archway Road, police cars diverting traffic, megajams everywhere – what was it about ? Nobody tells us. It might be nice to know.

  68. elliott

    so proud of your efforts. Keep strong. I hope that you and your fellow officers keep safe. We support you!

  69. Helen Ledger

    Rioting and looting is never justifiable! Big Respect to our police. Praying that tonight is a peaceful one in our Capital.

  70. snowdingoe

    thank you for an honest perspective we the public were unlikely to get from th MSmedia ,it would be great to hear from other officers ,fireys and ambo’s .my view from Australia— ongoing investigation into shooting death of man ,somewhat creative reporting of investigation by MSmedia ,half truths and sensationalist headlines all #tagged out to a disenchanted audience in #tottenham #brixton #etc #getting it? by virtue of twitter speed and the fact that its a pain in the arse to keep up with and read everything we self censor so in actual fact the media links only need a few well thought out keywords like ‘doubt’ over police investigation and ‘bullet’ might have been police issue’ —people judge on less than 140 chrs then idiots RT or make some shit up close enough and there you go media manipulation has got the masses fired up ,the next step is how police command reacted [sidenote- did you have the resorces?were you undermanned?] ….i believe from what ive picked up on it was pretty much unstopable but there is also an underlying thought tract that police directed or not ,let some stuff slide, i doubt you guys were directed but more so what i was getting at i think your own command sent you in undermanned with the directive to go in but dont get toooo dirty …i dont blame you guys ,in fact i feel sorry you were let down and lied to by your bosses if this was the case. why would anyone most of all police command not do all they could to stop this ??the end result of coarse*…. now take a look at the self righteous MSmedia propaganda machine go into overload with timelines and maps and graphics and interviews and pictures and big headlines and a million reasons why this happened ,blahblahblahspinspinblah ….so much shit joe sheep out there only sees burning shops and some scallywag in a hoodie with a bigger tv than him …omg the outrage ,why didnt the police do anything is what joe sheep is saying ,thats all ! twitter has changed the face of the world in places ,in others its been manipulated and abused for a hidden agenda . the only result the rioter/looter has achieved is tighter controls on his/her lives . action-reaction-solution and you all bought it . thanks for your efforts over the weekend sir ,hope you and yours are safe and you have a better few days ahead ..oh condolences to mr duggans family reguardless of what he did /didnt do ,its sad a man died . *whats the end result? loss of freedom through greater control ….oh well ,you’ll be right ,could be some ot coming up 😉

  71. Thankyou for your valiant service.
    I can only hope that a few Looters (Not “protestors”) read this and realise that they are destroying not only theirs but other peoples lives with their selfish actions.

  72. Anonymous

    You’re brave men doing a difficult job.

    Thieves are thieves, pure and simple. Generations of them now supported by the well meaning and deeply misguided who have unfortunately excused and cemented-in this self-centred greed and sense of being beyond the laws the rest of us abide by.

    I thank you (I’m not a London resident).

  73. Nele

    I’m so very sorry you had to go through this. The majority of us are on your side. I’ll pray for you. Keep doing a good job.

  74. xtina

    I live in the middle of Enfield Town and was at home last night. I would just like to say thank you to the Police Information line and riot police. You all did an amazing job and despite living in the thick of it your advice and presence made me feel safe. Good luck London. Stay safe.

  75. Alouette

    A thoughtful and moving post; thank you for the insight into how at least one officer feels about the riots.

    I would only say that, while it is understandable that investigative processes are slow, it was a grave error for the police at Tottenham to ignore the peaceful protest outside the station until they had been there five hours and the trouble started. According to reports, not a single police officer acknowledged the protest or came out to talk to the family. Even if they had simply informed them that the investigation was ongoing and of the timeframes involved, that might have caused the protest to disperse – or maybe not, but still, it would have been the right thing to do for a grieving family.

    Unfortunately, after an incident of this kind, it too often seems that the police retreat into obstinate silence. Were they to come out and simply communicate with those looking for answers, that might go some way towards restoring public confidence.

  76. Kim evans

    Beautifully written.



    • Rational Civilian

      Is it also an anti-Carpetright, anti-JDSports, anti-Iceland, anti-Tescos etc etc protest???

      If not, why are they being looted?????

      and can I suggest that you dial 666 when you require help if burgled, mugged or abused, seeing as you wouldn’t ever ask the boys in blue for assistance!!??

      ps. “an” anti-police……….. not “a” anti-police.

  78. Just My Opinion

    I have every confidence that you WILL find many of the thieves and low lives – and I applaud you for that. Unfortunately, I also fear that the court system will let you (and us) down again, and that few of them will receive punishments that will cause them to lose much sleep.

  79. A very well written piece full go humanity and understanding.
    These are very sad days indeed. People wrecking their own neighbourhoods and destroying communities and livelihoods. This brings me to ask a question about why you wanted to stop the photographers documenting such a powerful image? It’s these images which make people understand the cost of violence, not just the flames and action. It’s the aftermath that shakes people to the core. Remember the naked girl running away from her napalmed village in Vietnam? We still remember that, as it was such an emotional image and it did more to stop the war than any other piece of news coverage. Without this illustration of this person’s life being ruined by these thugs, how else are we going to get the message through?

  80. Dave Jones

    Thank you and your colleagues for standing up to this mindless idiocy. Our thoughts in Gloucestershire are with you and your colleagues tonight and every night you stand there and stand up for what is right and good. Look after yourselves all of you. Dave

  81. Anonymous

    A great piece, witty, moving and honest. I dated a level 2 police officer for three years and was always terrified when he was out on nights like these described or watching it unfold on the news. People need to remember that the police are people with mere human strength, energy and emotions – they feel fear, fatigue and have families and friends who worry about them EVERYDAY! It’s a thankless job and those who are doing this damage to their own communities are nothing but moronic, selfish, greedy and mindless thugs – I hope you do catch them all and that there is some other way to punish them than locking them up for the decent folk to pay for their upkeep. Bring back the Sweeney days I say!

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  83. G

    Fair play mate keep up your good work

  84. Aye

    This is the only entry in this blog, which means this blog was created for this very entry.

    It may as well be written by the police for manipulation/disinformation, and softening of the public concerning police actions.

    Even if it is, even if it isn’t…

    Mate the sad thing is, you are in the same boat with the looters, while you are tricked to think that you are doing a greater good, and are above them.

    You are trained to track down, and terrorize your own peers, you are a pawn in the oppressive apparatus, while you’re being tricked to think you are a messenger of justice.

    You should not care about the dudes that stole a tv or a Nintendo, you should care about the governments and bankers lying to you, creating the poverty and the crisis designed to exploit people, to leave them with no choices, so their only choice is to obey the master, the government, the bankers. You are chasing a dude that doesn’t have enough to eat and steals a $1000 TV, but you are letting the fat bastards who are stealing billions and trillions go away, and kill hundreds of thousands and people in the process, while making millions suffer.

    Good on ya mate, make your master proud, because for sure you are not helping your peers, no matter how many TV’s and Nintendo looters you’re gonna find and bash their doors down, it’s gonna make zero difference.

    If you want to do your job go arrest the government and the bankers, not the people looting sneakers and toilet paper. Of course you care, of course you care for your mates, but what you see it’s only the effect and both you and the looters are just victims, you have to turn 180 to see the cause.

    P.S. And yes McDonalds is known for supplying free meals to the police, even in Australia.

    • Over the River

      Lose the Jean Valjean fantasy, Aye. The looters aren’t taking “toilet paper”, and they’re not so poor that they can’t get enough to eat. They’re opportunistic thugs who are destroying people’s lives. When the smoke clears and the dust settles, dozens (if not hundreds) of small business owners will be dirt poor, and hundreds more jobs will be lost. I’m a working class American, not a Brit, but I have seen what this kind of looting does to neighborhoods.

      You, with your pseudo-intellectualizing, don’t get that.

      Yes, “Inspector Winter” is better than them. And he is better than you.

    • Anonymous

      I dont like the bankers not being penalised either, but that does not mean looting on the streets fixes that. You are just hurting uninvolved innocent people and/or their jobs. And if you dont have enough to eat or drink, I dont see how expensive TVs or trainers are going to fix that. Unless you mean to be arrested and spend time in jail with free shelter and food.

  85. Alyssia

    As someone who experienced the Enfield riot first hand (not through choice!) I have to say the police are the bravest people I know. I saw them being rushed by 300+ hooded up, face covered thugs and not break their line. We all feared for our lives last night think our house would be burnt and tears were shed not only as a result of fearing our own lives, but fearing for the lives of all the brave men and women protecting us. What inspiring people you are – please know that whatever these idiots say about hating the police, the real people of London have nothing but love and respect for you all.

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  87. What a good post. Just the information we need. And the sentiment of that last paragraph was beautifully honest and true. I got emotional reading this post.

  88. Anonymous

    Best wishes and stay safe.

  89. Anonymous

    To the Police – LOVING YOU GUYS! Thank you so much for everything you do! I’m just sorry the f*cking loser politicians and media hate on you all the time.

    Wish there was a zero tolerance law across the UK and any serious criminal activity resulted in capital punishment.

  90. Multiple answers to this. Bring back the stocks and make them look stupid and allow the public to see them. Use paint ball guns with endible ink to target them. Anyone found gulity remove their income support. many ideas however almost certainly there will be a scream of human rights and once again the individual will win whilst society suffers. This has to be addressed. Until society has rights this insane in balance will continue. Feel sorry for the ploice as they cannot do what any human being would wish to as their hands are tied. IF they do anything ‘wrong’ then they are dragged up infront of the courts and charged. Mad.

  91. Frank tan

    Thank you to you and all of your colleagues nationwide for you brave hard work.

  92. Every member of the public should leave their houses and go onto the streets and help. This is OUR london! The minority ruining it fr the majority. maybe the majority should react? maybe we should use our numbers to prtect our streets. maybe we shouldnt have to depend on the police to protect us. maybe we should protect ourselves in numbers? Will anyone stand up and start a movement to do this? Does anyone agree?

  93. Polyphonic

    Well done.

  94. Froggy

    A very good article.
    It all sounds very familiar to me, having been involved in the november 2005 riots in France on the same side as yours.
    As you know it quickly spread throughout the country and if it had lasted another two weeks we would have had no choice but to involve the (remains) of our army.

    There too all this violence and looting was perpetrated in the name of two young lads who died because the fled a Police control and hid in a high voltage transformer…

    Several persons died, some were burnt alive by molotov cocktails…

    It never really eneded and today the avreage police officers wounded at work is an average of 6.000 a year. This figure doesn’t include gendarmerie and other law enforcement department.

    Same causes, same effects.

    I recall that soon after these 2005 events, a french delegation of suburbs self appointed experts, went to Tottenham and explained us it was the exemple to follow.

    Good luck.

  95. Mounty

    Hi, collegue.
    It`s like in Germany. A policeman is not allowed to defend himself. In my town the same happened April 2009. As a consequence Officers on patrol were offended from ordinary citizens. And even politicians take the same line. After there was no penal procedure, they fall quiet and the traumatized officers were forgotten.
    But fortunalety no such rioting happened.

    Bugger the city, the police cars or what else.
    Stay unharmed. Nothing else matters.
    Greetings from police of upper palatinate, Bavaria.

  96. Simon H

    Its not the speed of the investigation thats an issue its the integrity of it,Just recently there has been an entirely innocent man shot on the tube but no police officer had done anything wrong..hmmm then of course there was Ian Tomlinson where the police force did nothing but lie until a tourist turned up with video evidence proving they where lying, A custody sargeant convicted of assualting a female prisoner got less time inside than the bloke who threw a custard pie at murdoch!! and of course it will be investigated by the IPCC who after the entirely impartial and independant investigation (pull the other one) will conclude that no one should be prosecuted as its not in the public interest

    I note that in your own words you failed to do your job and protect his property then you restrain him from rescuing his stock. Go back to harresing motorists for not wearing seatbelts or busting teenagers for smoking pot a let people look after there property themsleves seeing as the police are incapable

    I suppose the only good thing is you havent left anyone to die because your not properly trained this time

  97. Froggy

    “But fortunalety no such rioting happened.”…. yet.

  98. Erynsmum

    And I salute every single one of you

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  100. Anonymous

    You’re all doing a fantastic job, the rest of the country is behind you and proud of you all !! Thank you all, and stay safe !!!

  101. Anonymous

    If we know of a looter who do we tell and how?

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  103. anonymous

    How, and who do we contact if we know of a looter? Saw someone on facebook and was so infuriated I need to do something, you guys are doing an amazing job, wish you all the best!

    • Lauren

      Contact the local police and give them all the details you know. Each and every possible person will be charged.

    • Naomi

      Found this info for you from the Met Police web site: Contact the Operation Withern Major Investigation Team number (020 8345 4142) if you have specific information about those individuals who have been involved in the violence and disorder that has occurred across London over the past few days.

  104. Anonymous

    Don’t lose sight.You are doing a fantastic job.Stand tall and proud.Britain is with you.

  105. Philip Young

    If it helps, the quiet ordinary mass of hard working, decent, British people are right behind the Police. We admire and respect your bravery. Well done for all your work in very arduous circumstances. The little thugs who are perpetrating all this senseless violence and stupidity will be brought to justice.

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  107. Jason

    Thank God we have people like yourself on the lookout and protecting us. Stay safe mister!

  108. Anonymous

    I take my hat off to all of you officers putting yourselves on the line and wish you all a safe night out there against these parasites!

  109. nodders

    Thanks for your honest post and the great work you are doing.
    Full solidarity to the London police, I hope you’ll get them all, these stupid people have lost any credibility through caring only about looting trainers and TVs.

  110. Anonymous

    A great post, thank you and stay safe. Property is property. Its not worth risking life for.

  111. Anon

    I don’t know how you do your job, you train for days such as these that you pray will never happen. These scum are not protesting, they are simply using it as an excuse to destroy and rob people of their livelihoods. I pray that no decent people lose their lives in this appaling display. I actually feel sickened watching the images, and feel both helpless and hopeless. I hope you, your colleagues and the fire service all get through this awful time.

  112. David

    About 99.9999999% of the British population give you their total support. Good luck and keep your spirits up – you guys will go down in history like the 9/11 firefighters in New York; you’re heros. And if you get the chance, give one of those yobs a bit of stick from me!

  113. Anonymous

    Stay safe out there. You probably get a lot of abuse but the silent majority is with the police.

  114. Faz Ahmed

    Go get em – every last one of them. The decent folk of civilised society are behind you.

  115. snowdingoe

    earlier i made comment on lack of police numbers ,this video was apparently not played on the bbc for reasons unknown… according to the person that posted it ,count the police

  116. Ricky Maloney

    The police can’t do right for wrong, thanks to the moral crusade that’s been going on in this country for far too longeans their hands are tied. I’m personally disgusted by what’s going on, there is no respect in society today. I remember as a teenager, some 25 years ago, our local bobby was PC Button, if you saw him you froze on the spot, chatted politely with him and thanked him before going on your way. Nowadays they throw bottles of petrol at the police. Time to take this country back. Government and society needs to act hard and fast. If you’re on the streets tonight you lose your rights.

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  118. Duncan

    Living in Glasgow & watching on the news, I am shocked by what I see on the news. The public need to support our police officers and give them our gratitude. I used to have a family member in a multi-force police unit. He showed the same camaraderie as you and expressed similar concerns. I cannot understand how this situation can be blamed on the police. I hope my uni friend who is now in the Met stays safe when he returns to work on Wed after recovering from a broken bone (not work-related).

  119. You, sir, are a hero. As are the other officers working with you. My brother is in London and it is because of officers like you that I can sleep at night. God be with you mate! 🙂

  120. Derby999

    Mate. I’ve just come off a night shift policing in Derbyshire! I’ve laid here reading all the news from last night and yours is the best piece ive read. All your colleagues all over the country are feeling your pain and tiredness right now! Keep your heads up, we’ve got your back if you go code zero!!

  121. Dr_biscuit

    You sir have my respect and full support. A well written, thoughtful blog, which has given the often overlooked point of view from the Thin Blue Line.

  122. domusfitz

    Nice to hear your thoughts but i have to say regarding your point about the public not understanding about the painfully slow investigations regarding the shooting. You miss the point of the anger. Ian Tomlinson and Jean Paul de Menezes both died at the the hands of the police, both murders were covered up and although we may see a conviction for the murder (sorry manslaughter) of Ian Tomlinson, i must say i doubt that very much. Why ? because the police protect their own. Even if the have committed a wrongful murder. There are probably two people who know exactly what happened to Mark Duggan. Those are the police officers who shot him. How easy would it be for them to stand up and be honest and decent human beings and tell the family what exactly happened?

    Not easy for them obviously.

    As a law abiding citizen i must say i find it hard to take the police incredulity seriously when regarding these matters as their inability to deal with blatant criminality within their own force is so deliberately inept and corrupt.

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  124. Barzan40

    I left the UK 17 years ago to live overseas but am back for a few weeks to bring my young son to visit his grandparents and I am so shocked about what is happening here. It makes me glad I’m not bringing up my son in Britain. Your post is excellent. Keep up the good work, keep safe and don’t let these thugs and looters get away with it.

  125. Great blog & if I still lived in London I’d be out there making you guys a cuppa and bacon sarnie. You mention about the public not understanding the investigative process and how it takes so long – well why doesn’t the police PR machine start an education programme. It isn’t rocket science but so much in this country is assumed – like the absence of signage on the motorway reminding drivers the speed limit is 70. I doubt this is the end of the rioting – there are too many people unhappy with their lot in life, not prepared to put in any effort to work for minimum wage that want something for nothing. Good luck

  126. Pingback: London Riots

  127. Rachel

    Fantastic post, thankyou so much for writing this. I’m so grateful for all you guys do, and am thinking of you as you try to tackle this…

  128. Pingback: A selection of different perspectives on the #londonriots « Politics Sort'ed'

  129. Lee

    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! My thoughts and hopes are with you – you all do an amazing job and i for one am extremely glad we have brave officers such as yourself. We are with you in spirit

  130. Anonymous

    I can only imagine what it must be like to see a city being attacked by it’s own citizens. My heart goes out to you and your mates for trying to restore order out of this meaningless chaos. Although there is not much I can do from the United States, I wanted you to know that I am sickened by the actions of this mob of hooligans and I’m firmly behind the efforts of the police as they attempt to bring peace back to the streets. Your valiant efforts are NOT in vain.

  131. PC Chops

    The thing that strikes out the most is how we are bound, when it comes to it everything is put aside to help a fellow officer.

  132. It is sad to say that this rampant lawlessness would not have come about if weak liberal policies from Europe hadn’t being so ingrained. Politicians wanting to keep everyone happy has meant the police force has unfortunately turned into a bit of a toothless poodle.

    When water canon is described as “extreme” by COBRA you know that the members of that particular body have no understanding of anything.

    Perma dye water canons, so you can pick up anyone blue the next day, tear gas and rubber bullets will stop the looting. I saw a group of fat, Afro-Caribbean girls running to their car with loot. They would not be there if they thought there was a chance of a drubbing.

    First thing we asked for was the army on the streets. Martial law? That is the first thing we asked because the police are, and it really does pain me to say, impotent.

  133. Very thoughtful piece. Keep up the good work. It’s inspiring to see that cynicism hasn’t taken root, despite all the shit you withstand.

  134. wmidsploddy

    Keep going mate!

    West mids police officer…

  135. Ben reeve-Lewis

    Nice to hear something without spin or apology. Definately keep up the good work, and I say that as someone who has in the past been in those crowds (Poll tax riots, Brixton, Lewisham in 77 etc) Not as an aggressor but certainly a participant, but we were motivated by a greater cause than a pair of trainers from JD Sports

  136. BigLad

    What a brilliant and moving piece. 99.9% of people in this country (including some of us as Specials who are coming in from everywhere to support you) stand right beside you. These people will not prevail. It’s as simple as that.

  137. thinking of you. Hope you have the satisfaction of seeing these self-obsessed thugs behind bars.

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  139. Anonymous

    God bless you. Thinking of you and all your police colleagues trying to maintain order amid a world gone mad.

  140. Anonymous

    Thank you, to you and to all your colleagues.
    Hope you all stay safe.

  141. GSTQ

    Brilliantly written piece. Keep up the good work, and if you need a hand, just ask and I’m sure that they’ll be a fair few people willing to sign up to help!

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  144. Reimer

    Great bit of PR from the Met’s communications office. I suspect this chap doesn’t even exist. Lots of emotive stuff to get us to empathise with the willingly-impotent plod.

    • Naomi

      Dear Reimer, please don’t spend your life being so negative. Your cynisism really is quite sad to hear. I wish you a positive life.

      Dear Insp Winter, well done for an excellently written blog. You are an inspiration. Stay safe.

      Dear all police, fire and ambulance services, well done to you all. You all do an often horrendous job with little or no thanks. We respect what you do and care about you.

  145. Jackie

    Thoughts with all the UK Police and emergency services from An Australian, as you work to restore calm and security – stay safe.

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  147. LRK

    I am writing a short play regarding public perception of the police, aiming for a balanced argument but ideally humanising the police as individuals and highlighting the responsibility of the media. I was wondering if you would have time to be interviewed at some point, obviously anonymously.
    Please do get in touch if this is something of interest,
    Best wishes and thanks for all your help,

  148. Giggles

    I admire the police for the work they do. I’ve had very little dealings with the police in their official capacity, being a (mostly) law abiding type of person, but they are there to help us and I do appreciate it. I’m not in London, nor any of the other cities that were experiencing rioting and greed and looting and arson and assaults. I’m very glad to say that I have no plans to go to any of them soon. I find it heartbreaking what people will do to their neighbours, to people who live in the same areas, to people they probably see on the streets every day.

    I very much empathised with your writing, a beautifully written account of your own personal experience. May you and your colleagues stay safe.

  149. patrickhadfield

    Thanks for writing that. Londoners really appreciate the work the Police are doing.

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  151. Mark D

    Know this Insp Winter, the decent population who are the vast majority know the efforts you and your colleagues make on our behalf, and appreciate you. Stay safe.

  152. I salute you sir and your brave band of hero’s in blue. I speak as someone who has been on the wrong end of a police truncheon several times and highly critical of the PSNI Belfast “Cottaging Squad” and their attitude to Cottagers. That aside full respect to you and your modern Knights, you may have turned up late to join the battle, but by God we are all pleased you made it…..Respect bruv!

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  155. Pingback: Carport Photos » Blog Archive » London riots: August 8 as it happened

  156. Hello – this is really valuable insight i’d love to share further. Is there any way I could get in touch with you? I work for which is Channel 4’s opinion and ethics slot, on after the news every evening. We’re exploring the rioting next week, and there will be lots of discussions happening on our website afterwards. I would love to get you involved with this, so please drop me a line, or contact @4thoughttv on Twitter.

  157. Simon H

    and this is why the police arent to be trusted. look at their reaction to being legally filmed, just as much scum as the looters

    • Anonymous

      Congratulations. Another lippy, arrogant, illiterate and disrespectful idiot who thinks that bating the Police into confrontation makes him a man.
      Exactly the kind of cretin who carries a loaded illegal firearm and gets shot by armed response officers.

      • Simon H

        If filmiing an officer doing his duty is baiting the police god help us all. all he was doing was filming the stop & search when the police deliberately block him then attempt to intimidate him.

        Its stupid the stop and search is legal, filming the cops is legal it should have been a non event unless the police have something to hide (like those who hide their numbers)

        Unfortunately this is the police I see at least once a week (don’t work nights and own a nice car… 184 stops last year across 7 forces not one ticket) to the point I no longer offer a 4 hour response for SE london and add a police stop charge and time extension to the contract for the rest of london,essex,birmingham and wales.

        On the flip side of the coin I haven’t seen a police officer yet for either of the burglaries although they did loose the paperwork for the second on so the insurance company wouldnt pay out on all of the claim
        and when my car was stolen they refused to even issue a crime number for 9 hours which lead to a 6 month argument with the insurance company as the tracker must be activated within an hour of you knowing it was stolen but Tracker have been told by the police not to turn them on without a crime number.

        I should be a natural supporter of the police I’m 44 run my own company and have been a tory voter since Thatcher instead over the last 20 years I have come to distrust and despise them

  158. Damian

    Thank you so much for your sacrifice and efforts on all our behalves. I too am living abroad and cannot believe what I am seeing. You show great strength humanity and understanding in a very dangerous situation. We wish you and your colleagues the very best our thoughts are with you. You are all a credit to the force and the nation.

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  160. Dominic

    My prayers are with you and all your officers who are fighting to regain the ground. I am a police officer (from another country) as well and I do not envy the position that you are in. Frontline police officers are always caught between an angry public, the criminals, politicians, and senior management. All we want to do is our job – protect life, property, and keep the peace.

  161. Anonymous

    Is this the same anon on alot of chicago website

  162. Anonymous

    I read your blog on scc in chicago rioting and looting is stupid but that ))video shows the police being the aggressor which can lead to distrust of the police the same as these animals in chicago cpd chicago police dept treat blacks I fully know the feeling to lash out on the police. Yall do have a problem with race and treatment of people. According to your newspapers yall had race problems in 1981 and 1999 plus a document on dealing with race have hurted yall and frankly speaking some of yall don’t care and are racist like cpd dists. 3, tru and msf Mf for short. In chicago Hyde park area (the name we got from yall) the only thing left that I see is to learn to treat people (human beings) with respect or some of your will make those two words you don’t want to here come true “ofc down”. I can see this in chicago future by studying them. Even they. Caint deal with race ask there role model jon burge or the future g8 in Chgo. If u r honest deal with it and learn if not fuck u.

  163. Anonymous

    R u online now?

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    Enjoy a couple of years in the big house to ponder it. I bet you won’t be pretending to be police in there mate will you?

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