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  1. You and your colleagues are total heroes!
    I hope that tonight is peaceful for you all but I fear that it won’t be.
    Stay safe Xx

  2. Can you confirm whether or not police are able to use water cannons, tear gas or anything of that ilk?

    • PC Disgruntled

      They were trialled by the met about 6 yrs ago after the Parliament Sq pro-hunting riots. Lots of government officials and civic leaders all went to see them in action at the Met police public order training centre in Gravesend. The water cannons were fired at police officers who played the roles of suspects. The results were very effective, nobody could remain standing and the areas were cleared. The ‘committee’ decided that water cannon was too indiscriminate and so it would not be used on the British mainland?

      • Jackie

        That’s a shame – because I’d imagine if water cannons could spray water with food colouring in it, it could be easy to identify culprits for some time afterwards.

  3. Ellie

    Thankyou- the Police are wonderful and I really really appreciate what you’re doing.

  4. sarah

    Please could you contact me? We are interested in speaking to you. Thank you very much.

  5. Em

    A very touching and humanly written piece. Please please submit more.

    From a 30-something Londoner who thinks the Met do a blindin job.

  6. Anonymous

    I work for BBC Radio 4 — are you interested in an anonymous interview? We’re intersted in hearing about your thoughts on what it’s like to police in London and respond to critiques that paper work, bureaucracy and court appearances are keeping police from being out on the street enough.
    Please email rosie.westwood@bbc.co.uk

  7. Is English your first language? Do the words Grammar, syntax and punctuation mean anything at all to you? Do you actually give evidence, in Court, in this gibberish language, which you use? You are, in my opinion, only just literate. Your reports must be classics!!

    • groendraak

      How good is your grammar after a 30-hour shift?

    • Bill kERR

      Paddy.. You are absolutely correct in what you say. When you have been assaulted in the street, your house has been burgled or your car has been stolen the first thing you think about is…will the Officer they send be able to spell..wonder how is grammar and syntax is? That would certainly be my first thought. Just curious – why does “Grammar” have a capital G? Pot, kettle, black comes to mind.

  8. My flat was burgled once. The officer said, we won’t find anything, so it is not worth while making a report!!!! Probably could write!!

  9. Bill kERR

    The word is ….worthwhile…. Paddy i.e. one word not two. By all means if you received poor service from the Police then complain about it. I don’t see the correlation between poor service and whether ( in your opinion) the Officer could write or not. Lose the chip on your shoulder. Either do something about your complaint or not but don’t come onto forums like this making spurious remarks when clearly spelling, writing and grammar are nothing to do with the subject, especially since it is obvious to all, your grammar and syntax are both seriously lacking. The blog is about people not spelling. I think you missed that bit.

  10. Quite agree with you about worthwhile. I really saw no point in complaining about it to the Police, about the Police. Had I done so I would probably been targeted everywhere that I went. Please don’t reply that it doesn’t happen.!
    I was once arrested for sitting on a bench, sober, in a town square at 1 o’clock in the morning on a hot Summer night. The male officer was showing off to the female one.
    He said that I was eyeing up when people were going to bed, in order to break in to their houses!!! How could he figure out what I was supposed to be thinking? It was a make the numbers up arrest. I did complain and the whole think was investigated by the Police. I was told that both officers were not believed.
    On the day of the Court case I listened to three officers commit perjury during my trial for Breach of the Peace. The cobbled together a story that I was drunk and shouting abuse at two women who, as figments of their imagination, were never found.
    I produced five witnesses who said that I had left them some 20 minutes prior to my arrest and was sober. The pubs and off sales were closed, so how did I become drunk in twenty minutes?
    After reporting it I was continually stopped in the car. One time, I asked, ‘why did you stop me?’ ‘You have a very relaxed driving position; he replied.
    Needless to say I was found Guilty of the Breach and fined £40. I do not have a chip on my shoulder, it is a whole tree !!! .
    Yo want it to be about people. Well these are my experiences with Police..

  11. Bill kERR

    I’m sorry you’ve had that experience and I can now see where you’re coming from. I can see why it would be difficult for you but try not to tar every other Policeman (woman) with the same brush. The Police don’t always get it right but individuals can’t be responsible for all the wrongs their colleagues have done throughout the UK. In this instance I think the Officers opinions and experiences were heartfelt and he wanted to share them. I don’t think he deserved the derision you gave him for what was essentially a rendering of a very intense and emotional experience he went through. Having said that, if you were in deep shit and you needed to call the Police would you hesitate because of this? I hope not. Peace to you.

  12. I had expected the ‘tarred brush’ reply. I certainly agree that not all police officers are bent. I know some who are not. We obviously need rules and Laws, otherwise there would be anarchy.
    Perhaps I have been unlucky. I can only state what has happened to me. I had only reported the break in as my Insurers demanded it, otherwise I would not have bothered.
    The main problem in the Police Force, today, is ambition to get to the top by any means possible. Shining out because of arrest records and scores is the main route. The ‘quality’ of arrests no longer appears to matter.
    Many Police Officers do outstanding work. However, more than a few, are just crooks in uniform. .

    • Dave

      Paddy wrote: “However, more than a few, are just crooks in uniform.”

      Funny you should say that, after today’s revelations… turns out that’s exactly what ‘Inspector Winter’ is!

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